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The WAHM Myth Debunked: Working From Home Equals More Time With Your Family

Okay, show of hands. Who became a WAHM (work-at-home-mom) hoping to have more time to spend with their kids? No surprise there - that's most of you. Another show of hands. Who does indeed get to spend more time with their kids now that they're working from home? No surprise there ... [keep reading]

Are You Too Old to Start a Business?

Have you ever wondered whether you’re too old to start a business?  Whether you're too old to make a change and start doing what you love? Have you ever wondered whether you're past your 'entrepreneurial prime'? If so, you’re not alone.  Age insecurity is a stubborn mental block that prevents ... [keep reading]

Answering the Dreaded “So What Do You Do?” Question

OK.  Moment of truth. Do you dread it when someone asks you "what you do for a living"? Does your throat tighten, and do your palms get sweaty? Do you fear they’ll judge you? That they just won’t get what you’re trying to create in this world? - “Wanna know what I do?  Errr … ummm … ... [keep reading]

Control Freak? Learn How to Delegate in 3 Easy Steps

OK, let’s be honest for a moment.  Like, really honest. Are you a control freak? Are you holding onto every single task in your business to make sure it gets done your way? Have you become the bottleneck in your business? (I know my answer was an unequivocal ‘yes’ when I first started ... [keep reading]

Are You Being Too Hard on Yourself?

A little over week ago, my son had 3 operations. So for the last 10 days I’ve been caring for him, whilst working on a major project for my offline business, and trying to stay on top of my household chores. (Translation: I’ve been real busy, running around like a headless chicken, gasping for ... [keep reading]

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed Once and for All

About four Sundays ago, I spent some time decluttering my closet. After a few of hours of focused work, I had filled 3 large bags with clothes, ready to be donated to charity. And as I looked at my tidy, well-organised, and severely edited wardrobe, I felt good. Calm. Like a large weight ... [keep reading]

The 4-Step Formula to an Effective Social Media Strategy

You’ve heard the advice a million times, right? “If you want to grow your business, you’ve got to be on social media.” And on the surface, it makes sense ... ... Until you actually try to do it ... Seriously, there’s a gazillion social media platforms out there.  How on earth are you ... [keep reading]

5 Free Productivity Tools That Will Save You Time Immediately

Let me guess. You read the headline, and thought, “Cool!  ‘Free’ + ‘save time’?  I’m in! ” You see, as moms, we’re in dire need of time.   Time to grow our business.  Time to run our household.  Time to spend with our loved ones.  Time to reload our own batteries. Time is what we crave the ... [keep reading]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Information Products (and What to Do Instead)

OK. Show of hands. Have you ever bought an information product you didn't end up using? Is your hard drive full of e-courses and e-books you may have started, but never finished? Have you spent thousands of dollars buying information products you didn’t really need? (Picture me, jumping ... [keep reading]

Behind the Scenes: the Secret to Stress-Free Blogging (Plus a Copy of My Editorial Calendar)

Oh oh. It’s that time of the month week again. The time where you find yourself scrambling around for ideas, cursing everything (and everyone) around you, and breaking out into an anxious sweat. You committed to a regular posting schedule.  (What the F were you thinking?) Your post is ... [keep reading]