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5 Harsh Realities of Becoming an Entrepreneur

becoming an entrepreneur

OK, show of hands. Who else is tired of so-called gurus telling you that becoming an entrepreneur, and making a living online, is easy? That all you have to do to become wildly successful is to find your passion, tap into your creative genius, and feed your soul? You know it’s not that ... [keep reading]

How to Be Successful When the Odds Are Stacked Against You

how to be successful

Can I be painfully honest with you for a moment? No ‘thank-God-she-told-me’ type of honesty, where somebody points out you’ve got lipstick on your teeth.  No, I’m talking about the ‘kick-in-the-guts’ brand of honesty. It’s brutal.  It’s ugly.  It’s soul-wrenching. And I can almost guarantee ... [keep reading]

How to Cut Your To-Do List by 50%

to-do list

Here's the deal: there's a gazillion 'productivity experts' out there, touting the importance of a to-do list. “A to-do list is the key to being organised, getting things done, focusing on the right priorities, reducing stress, achieving your goals, and yada yada yada.” Nothing new there - we ... [keep reading]

3 Steps to Conquering Your Fear of Failure

fear of failure

OK, let’s talk about business for a moment, and let’s be brutally honest. Are you scared sh*tless, deep down inside? Are you terrified that you’re spending all this energy, time and money building an online business, only to fail miserably and look like a fool? Are you afraid that you're ... [keep reading]

How safe are you from a burnout?


One of the toughest periods in my life was when I became a mom to twins. As any mom knows, becoming a mom for the first time is quite intensive.  Newborn babies demand a lot of attention, time and energy.  It takes a while to figure things out, and find a rhythm that works for you. On top of ... [keep reading]

The Corkscrew Principle: Grow Your Business By Working Less

grow your business

We all have the same 24 hours a day.  No more, no less.  (It’s the only level playing field in all of humanity.) But when you’re growing a business, 24 hours is just never enough.  (Even if you’re a master in the effectiveness department.) There’s always a limit to how much you can get done in ... [keep reading]

3 Simple Tricks to Achieve Work-Life Balance

work life balance

Millions of moms dream of working from home and creating a family-friendly business they love. But when they finally get to live their dream, they're more stressed out than ever.  Project deadlines, business admin, writing content, being on social media, staying on top of email, picking up and ... [keep reading]

How to Create a Powerfully Simple Business Plan in 5 Easy Steps

how to create a business plan

"Honey, time to go!" calls your darling hubby, on a beautiful Sunday morning. "Go where?" you reply, in wonder …  Do you have to be somewhere? Did you forget an appointment?  A social commitment, perhaps? "We’re going on holidays" he replies cheerfully.  "C'mon, get in the car, the kids are ... [keep reading]

The 3W Technique (How to Attract Customers Who Want to Buy What You Sell)

how to attract customers

Ever wonder how some people manage to attract tons of customers, seemingly effortlessly? How do they do that? What's their secret? It can't be regularly posting content on your blog. (You're doing that.) Or being on social media. (You're doing that too). Or guest blogging. (You're ... [keep reading]

The Power of Words (and How to Harness It to Be Happier)

the power of words

About 6 weeks ago, on a crispy and sunny morning, I was on my way to see a client. I felt great, and I was really looking forward to our meeting. (Our meetings are always very productive and inspiring.) My client's office is on the 4th floor, so I took the elevator. (I know, I know … ... [keep reading]